Out of shaving foam? Try using this common food product instead


To make sure this strange trick really works, Glamour UK decided to take the challenge. They tested the olive oil method over a certain period of time to find out whether it provides the preferred result in the shower. “My legs were the smoothest they’ve ever been. They felt supple, moisturised and rash-free,” one member of the editing team said. Although it did turn out to be a bit of a slippery adventure, she was very enthusiastic about the endeavour.


So, are you unexpectedly out of shaving foam or do you want to make sure you can enjoy the warm weather ahead with soft, smooth legs? Then shaving with olive oil is definitely worth a try! Glamour UK did provide two additional tips: keep a towel close by and only apply a little bit of olive oil with one hand. That way, you’ll prevent your other hand from becoming too slippery to keep hold of the razor.

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Source: Glamour UK | Image: Pexels

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