Bangs, curls or bob: these hairstyles are best suited for your face shape

hair cut

These hairstyles will look fantastic on you!

“How do you want your hair?” This is the standard question at the hairdresser, which ensures that you immediately become stressed. Are you finally going for that daring short haircut, or are you playing safe and only having the ends cut off? It can be quite difficult to determine which hairstyles look good on the shape of your face. But don’t panic, because we have the answer. The next time you sit in the hairdresser’s chair, you’ll know exactly what to say!

Face shape

Before choosing a brand-new hairstyle, it is important to determine what face shape you have. For example, you may have a round, heart-shaped, oval or square face. Are you unsure about your shape? Then you can always ask your hairdresser. Hair stylists are often trained to provide advice on this.

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