Got some hair dye on your skin? Try this easy trick to remove it!

It can be done in a jiffy

A lot of people don’t like to show their grey hairs to the world just yet, which is why they choose to dye it. Or perhaps you don’t like your own hair colour and change it for that reason. In any case, if you dye your hair at home you must have come across the issue of getting dye on your skin. It’s very annoying because it looks quite strange and even after scrubbing for a long time it’s still visible. Luckily, we’ve got a couple of tips that will hopefully help you get that stain off your face.

No need to scrub!


First of all, when you’re about to dye your hair, it’s always a good idea to first apply some Vaseline to your hairline. When you inadvertently spill some of the dye on your skin instead of your hair, the Vaseline will make it easy to simply wipe away the dye. Unfortunately, this is an easy step to forget or you can just as easily spill some dye on your arms. Luckily, there’s no need to scrub at those stains until your skin is red and raw. We’ve got some great tips that will help you out!

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