True or false: can air conditioning make you ill?

Finally, an answer to the question of whether air conditioning can make you ill or not

It’s summer in a lot of places around the world, which means the temperatures are rising and we all try to keep our cool. Some people use fans to stay cool but other people have the luxury of having air conditioning in their home. Hotels often have A/C as well, as do cars and a lot of stores and offices. But sometimes, after having spent a lot of time in a room with A/C, we end up with a cold. The question is: does air conditioning really make you ill?

The answer will surprise you.

Air conditioning is healthy

You might not expect this, but the answer is no. The cold air coming out of the air conditioning unit cannot make you ill. The electronic device can make sure that you get ill more quickly, though. So, how does this work? The A/C sucks hot air inside from the outside and then blows cold air into the room after it goes through the damper. The warm air condenses on the damper, after which dry, cool air is blown out of it, into the room. Plus, the A/C filters the hot air that enters the unit. Because of this, pollen and other polluting substances are kept out.

That sounds pretty healthy, but how, then, can A/C units cause you to get ill more quickly? Go to the next page to find out!

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