Everyone believes this dieting trick but it doesn’t help you lose weight at all

dieting trick

If you want to lose weight, this dieting trick won’t help you at all!

The most successful ways to lose a few pounds are of course eating less (or healthier) and exercising more. Yet, in the last couple of years (or decennia) hundreds of weight loss tricks have come to stay or go away after a while. No longer eating carbs, drinking green tea, or fast for 16 hours a day: there are too many tricks to count. Besides, not all of these dieting tricks work very well. In fact, some of them are complete myths! The same is true for this dieting trick – one nearly everyone believes but that won’t help us to lose any weight.

This dieting trick is a complete myth and won’t help you lose any weight.

Drinking water

An oft-cited way to lose excess weight is to drink a lot of water. The Netherlands Nutrition Centre explains this trick doesn’t help with weight loss at all, though. “Drinking a lot of water while otherwise sticking to your regular diet doesn’t help at all,” their website states. “Water is a good option to replace soda and fruit drinks with. It saves calories and will help with losing weight in that manner. Drinking a glass of water instead of eating a snack that’s rich in calories can help as well.” So, water is a good substitute for sugary drinks, but it’s definitely not the answer to losing weight.

Grapefruit juice and lemon juice

Grapefruit juice and lemon juice have the same image as water. They’re supposed to help with the burning of fat, but this also turns out to be untrue. “There’s no evidence whatsoever that grapefruit or lemon influences the burning of fat.” This means that losing weight by drinking juices is another myth.

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels