This is how you make your deodorant last 24 hours

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Smell fresh, all day long!

When you use deodorant, usually the packaging tells you that it is supposed to last 24 hours or even longer. But before the day is through, you still end up smelling a faint whiff of sweat coming from your armpits. So, how do you make sure that your deodorant does last those 24 hours?


According to BBC Science Focus, the reason why these deodorants should last longer, is because they contain certain ingredients that help them last. These specific ingredients make it so that your deodorant should last for 24, or even 48 hours. But if it really works, is still to be determined. You probably have already experienced first hand that in a lot of situations, your deodorant doesn’t last that long. Luckily, there is a special hack that you could try to make sure that it lasts longer. And it is really easy to do!


The simple change you have to make, is to apply your deodorant at night instead of in the morning. That might sound a little strange; when you go to bed, you don’t really need to smell that fresh. But if you apply it in the morning, your sweat glands are very active. And if your sweat glands are active, they’re not able to completely absorb the antiperspirant of your deodorant. That makes it less effective during the day. When you sleep, you also sweat less. This helps absorb antiperspirant too. All of this causes your deodorant to become more effective and causes it to last the full 24 hours, or even 48!

The only thing that you have to check, is whether your deodorant contains antiperspirants. Because this hack only works if your deodorant contains antiperspirants. But it definitely seems to be worth it to give this hack a try!

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Source: Happy in Shape | Image: Unsplash, Ana Essentiels