This is what ‘Baby’ from Dirty Dancing looks like now: ‘It was the nose job from hell.’

Dirty Dancing

Everyone wanted to be Baby from Dirty Dancing!

Dirty Dancing is the film classic from the 80s. How we all wanted to be Baby, the beautiful girl with the amazing hair who got to throw herself in the arms of the dreamy Patrick Swayze… When the film came out, Jennifer Grey became world famous instantly. With her gorgeous head of hair and her unique face, she had everything to become a true superstar.

She had a promising career ahead of her and even got engaged to actor Johnny Depp! But everything went a little differently, and all because of a failed nose job.

Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey played the role of a lifetime in 1987: Baby in Dirty Dancing. Many women swooned watching the romantic movie with the handsome Patrick Swayze, who portrayed the rebel dance instructor Johnny. You’d think that Jennifer had a great career in front of her, just like her co-star Patrick Swayze. However, once the 90s rolled around, it seemed as if Jennifer had fallen off the face of the earth. Not because she didn’t want to act anymore or because she was bad at it, but because she didn’t get cause due to one big mistake.

Nose correction

Thirty years later the actress looks completely different. She’s unrecognisable when you compare her to her Dirty Dancing-years. In 1989, Jennifer underwent plastic surgery but it failed miserably. It was a nose job gone wrong. The damage was repaired in a second operation, but her face now looked completely different. Even family and friends didn’t recognise her. “It was like I was invisible,” the actress remarks on her transformation. Before her nose job, she had a unique face, making her very recognisable. After the surgery, she was just thirteen to the dozen.

This is what Jennifer Grey looked like before:


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