Do you have short or broken nails? Try this natural remedy to make them grow faster


You probably already own the miracle product you need!

It’s one of those things we really can’t stand: you’ve tried your best to grow your nails to a pretty length… and then they all break off one by one and you’re left with super short nails once again. Why does this happen? And is there something we can do about it? There is! We’ve got a handy trick for you today.

This natural remedy might just help you grow your nails again.


Especially in winter, a lot of people’s nails have the tendency to become weaker. This means they’ll become more brittle and break off or tear more quickly than usual. If your nails break or tear easily, this probably means that they’re very dry. This happens more often in winter than in summer. During the winter, our hands are often exposed to cold wind and cold, dry air. To prevent your hands (and nails!) from becoming dry, it’s best to keep them moisturised with good hand cream and to wear proper gloves or mittens when you go outside. But what can you do if your nails have become brittle anyway?

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