Teenagers try this bizarre trend for fuller lips


The “glued lip” challenge is currently going viral

Some of us are, unfortunately, not blessed with naturally full lips. When you have thin lips and are really worried about this, you can choose to use lip fillers. But many people find that a scary idea. Moreover, lip fillers are not without risk. For those who are fed up with thin lips, there is now a bizarre solution, which is currently running through the entire internet. The only thing you need to create a pair of full, kissable lips is … a tube of glue!

There are some risks attached to the trend, however.

Glued lip challenge

When it comes to getting fuller lips, the craziest tips come along. Earlier we saw how lips were vacuumed with a glass, or that a lot of wasabi was applied to the lips. Again, a bizarre trend has emerged: the “glued lip challenge.” How does it work? You simply put some super glue on your lip, let it dry for a few seconds and then press your lip against it.

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