Wow! With this amazing trick you can test whether your batteries are charged! Genius!


This is how you can test whether your batteries are charged!

Batteries are a fantastic invention and they’re super useful, but they can also cause a lot of frustration. When your remote control stops working all of a sudden you’ll need to go in search for replacement batteries. This in itself can take a while, but when you’re in luck and you finally find a stash there’s a second hurdle. How do you know if a battery is still charged? Some people own a fancy device to check this with, but for those of us who don’t, there’s a very useful trick!

With this trick, you’ll know within seconds whether the battery you want to use is charged or not.

Charged or dead

For us, it’s not unusual to find a battery in some nook or cranny of our home. The trouble is, we usually don’t know or remember whether it’s charged or not. We’re not alone in this, right? To test whether a battery is charged, some alkaline batteries have a handy little strip that you have to press with two fingers. Do you see a green bar? Then the battery is charged. Unfortunately, not all batteries have a useful strip like that, but there’s a very simple trick to check whether they’re charged or dead!

This is how you do it:

The trick to check whether your battery is still charged is very simple: just drop it! Take a battery and drop it on a hard surface. If the battery is charged, it will make a thump sound and often stand up right. If the battery is dead, it will bounce and fall over. This trick will work for very alkaline battery you own. So, why does this work? When an alkaline battery is dead it produces a kind of gas which makes it fall over. Take a look at the video below to see the trick for yourself!

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