THIS is what your favourite flower says about your personality!


Is your favourite flower a traditional rose, a luxurious orchid or perhaps an innocent lily?

When you think about it, most of us have a favourite color, song, dish and perhaps even a favourite number. All of these preferences can say a lot about your personality. For example, did you ever think about what your favourite flower is? There’s probably one type of flower you like just a little bit more than others and this is what it says about you!

A certain scent or memory can tell you exactly what your favourite flower is.


These exotic flowers symbolise luxury, love, beauty and strength. They’re often associated with people who have Aquarius as their zodiac sign. The beauty that is central to this flower often comes with a price. People who prefer orchids can be pretty temperamental. If something doesn’t go the way they want it to, they can get a bit defiant. Perhaps they’re a bit too stubborn?


The sunflower stands for happiness, adoration, lust for life and admiration. The name of this beautiful flower kind of says it all already: people who love sunflowers have a warm and infectious vibe around them. You’re someone who always thinks the glass is half full and you focus on the positive side of things. Nothing can bring you down and that’s not very strange at all, because the biggest sunflower ever was 9.17 meters (30 ft) high!

Different types of roses

Red roses symbolise love and passion. Do you prefer yellow roses? Back in the day, these represented jealousy, which is why people rarely gave them to other people. Luckily, these days the yellow rose is associated with friendship and joy. The classic white rose remains popular for bridal bouquets and embodies purity, honesty, innocence and simplicity. Pink roses symbolise happiness and friendship, but above all gratitude. Finally, the orange rose represents passion, enthusiasm and fascination.


These flowers are known for their extreme versatility. They lift up other flowers by their presence and offer a lot of strength and support to ‘weaker’ flowers. As a person, you’re not very different from that. You might appear strong to the outside world, but don’t be fooled: you need just as must trust and help from other people as everyone else.


Red tulips symbolise the perfect love. Purple roses are associated with ‘royalty’; yellow tulips represent cheerfulness and white tulips stand for forgiveness. Do you prefer a bouquet of tulips in all kinds of different colours? That is a symbol for elegance. As a person, you’re very positive, relaxed and social. A tulip can bloom on the coldest of days, but also the sunniest. You go with the flow and you literally follow the beams of sunlight.


Peonies stand for nobleness, pride and extravagance. Even though you appear to be very sweet, you can be quite demanding. The peony is very loved, but only blooms a very short period of time. You have to live in the moment and appreciate life when you can, because you know those moments won’t last forever.


The iris represents wisdom, optimism and trust. Are irises your favourite flowers? Then you’re an art lover and a creative person. You love being someone’s muse and you secretly hope to inspire other people in their artistic endeavors. The iris has inspired many a great piece of art throughout history and is still seen as a symbol for royalty.


The white lily symbolises dignity, purity of body and soul and innocence. Lilies are often featured on the family crests of royal houses. Plus, the white lily is often used as a symbol for peace. This dramatic flower has all the potential of going into full bloom, but it is often misunderstood or not valued enough. Lilies can have many different colours; some are fiery red, others are dark as the night. They’re beautiful throughout the entire year. If you love lilies the most, chances are you know how to help others and you’re always able to lift someone’s spirits.

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Source: Reader’s Digest | Image: Pixabay