TEST: The shell you choose reveals a lot about your personality! Which one do you like best?


Which shape are you attracted to most?

You can tell a great deal about someone’s personality by looking at the choices they make and the preferences they have. Similarly, you can also learn a lot about yourself by looking at what shell shape you are automatically attracted to. People are often attracted to colours and shapes without actively thinking about it. The unconscious motivation behind this choice reveals some essential aspects about your personality and motives.

You shouldn’t overanalyse beforehand, because that means you’re actively thinking about your decision. The shell that stood out to you instantly is your pick, not the one you noticed after thinking long and hard about it. So, look at the picture and decide within an instant which shell you like most; it doesn’t matter why!

Shell #1
If your intuition led you to this shell, it means that you’ve been through a difficult time or are going through a difficult time at the moment. The trials you’ve been through have made you a wiser and stronger person, and you are able to see things in perspective much more clearly than most people. You’re looking for protection, which is why you chose the shell with the prickly exterior. You have a desire to feel safe and secure.

Shell #2
This shell has a very symmetrical and smooth exterior. This means you are a person who needs structure in their daily life and is always looking for balance. You’re a perfectionist and you can’t stand it when things are finished sloppily or in a rush. You get stressed when things do not go down in a neat and orderly fashion. You’re someone who always has a to do list and who is the best planner and organiser.

Shell #3
This shell has a beautiful smooth finish, but it’s filled with cracks and has a sharp edge. You’re someone who forgives, but doesn’t very easily forget. Something is probably bothering you, and it’s eating you up. It’s best to let go of it, because you’re only making things hard on yourself. You find it difficult to let other people close to you and you have a habit of building up a wall around yourself.

What do you think? Was this accurate or not?

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