7 things you’re cleaning too often

There is such a thing is cleaning too often

We usually warn you about not cleaning things enough, but this time we’re actually warning you about quite the opposite thing: there are some things you shouldn’t clean too often. It’s unnecessary or you might be damaging the things in question. So, focus on the spots you forget to clean and leave these things be. 

Yes, there is such a thing as too much cleaning.

7. Car

Washing the car is one of those chores a lot of people really don’t like which is why a lot of people take it to the car wash. Do pay attention to how often you do this, though, because washing the car means you’re also washing away the layer of wax that protects the coating. The result? Thin scratches or a dull coating. Don’t wash your car more than once a month, maybe twice when it is really dirty. Also wax your car once a year, or let a professional do it for you.

6. Your hair

Nearly everyone washes their hair too often. You don’t have to wash it any more often than every other day, or even less when you’ve got thick hair or curls. Blonde hair is naturally drier than darker hair and curls are drier and more brittle than straight hair. By washing it often, you only dehydrate your hair even further because the natural oils are removed.

5. Bras

Do you wash your bras after just one day of wearing them? There’s no need. Wear a bra three or four times before washing it. Always wash them in a mesh laundry bag at a low temperature and a gentle cycle. Don’t put bras in the tumble dryer put place them horizontally on a drying rack so they don’t stretch or lose their shape.

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