Cornstarch is a true miracle product! Did you know you can use it for all these things?

You’ll never believe all the things you can use cornstarch for!

When we say no household can do without cornstarch, we’re not even exaggerating. This handy binding agent has many more uses you probably didn’t know about before today!

Cornstarch has the ability to thicken food and to bind products together. Most people will know it for its usefulness in binding and thickening soups and sauces, but you can use it for so much more than just your culinary adventures. Plus, it has a shelf life of actual years. Are you curious about the other uses of this miracle product? Keep reading!

  • Remove grease stains: Cornstarch is the perfect product to use if you want to remove grease stains from your carpet or furniture. Put about a teaspoon of the powder on the stain and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the starch and you’ll see the stain has disappeared.
  • Clean windows: Add a teaspoon of cornstarch to your usual soapy water and mix it together. Then, clean your windows like you normally would. The starch will make sure there won’t be any streaks on the windows after you’re done.
  • Polishing wood: Do you own an antique chair, table or sofa and do you want to get it back to its original shine? Choose this cheap and effective solution: cornstarch. Rub some of it on your wooden furniture and leave it to sit for about 15 minutes and then wipe it off again. You’ll see your piece of furniture will shine beautifully.
  • Extra soft clothes: Add a tablespoon of cornstarch to 500 ml of water and stir it through properly. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and spray it onto your clothes before you iron them. Your clothes are guaranteed to feel softer!
  • Cat fur: Cornstarch can also spruce up your cat’s fur. It will both look and smell better after using some cornstarch. Sprinkle a little bit of the powder onto your cat’s fur and stroke it through. Did you know professionals have been using this trick for years for cat competitions?

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Source: Doctor Oz | Image: PublicDomainPictures