Why do websites always ask you to use their app instead?

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Apparently, websites benefit when you use the app

When you have a phone with access to the internet, chances are that you have spend time browsing your favorite websites on your phone. Sometimes when you visit a website, a little box pops up, asking you to install the app of said website. It is kind of annoying when these notifications keep interfering with your browsing experience. But why do websites want you to download their apps?

Apps improve experience

Even though a lot of websites automatically adjust their pages to fit the screen of your phone, an app will always work a little better than the mobile browser. The mobile site works perfectly fine and looks roughly similar to the desktop version of the site, but nothing beats the experience of the app. Because an app is tailor-made for the operating system on your phone, the app will be faster and easier to use. Because the companies behind websites want you to have a pleasant experience while browsing their website, they suggest you use the app for an even better experience. That way you might come back to use their services again.

The app keeps you engaged

Something that your browser doesn’t usually do, is send you notifications. And if the website you’re browsing does want to send you notifications, people usually don’t allow them. Meaning that the website can not remind you of its existence, luring you back in with deals or discounts. With apps, people are more inclined to leave the notifications on. And notifications keep you engaged with the app. That way, companies can ensure that you will come back for more; the ultimate goal. So when you visit a website, to increase the chances that you stay engaged and come back for more, a website will ask you to download their app instead.

User information

Both websites and apps collect data that is then shared with advertisers. But the kind of data collected, is different for apps and browsers. Cookies collect your data when you use the mobile site. That data consists of your browsing history and your individual user preferences. But apps also have access to your location and other demographic information. And that kind of information is very profitable for advertisers. That way, advertisements can be adjusted to your needs and preferences, resulting in more sales.

So using the apps definitely has some benefits for the companies behind these websites. Now, whenever websites are pushing you to download their apps, you know why these companies want you to use their app so badly.

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Source: How to Geek | Image: Unsplash, Austin Distel