5 handy tips for a dust free home

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Five tips to keep your home free of dust

It seems to be the eternal battle: human versus dust. You’ve just spent a good long while dusting the entire house, and just as you finally plop down on the couch, you notice the dust specks fluttering down onto the coffee table again. Dust is a particular eyesore on dark furniture. Follow these five tips to keep your home as dust free as possible.

Living completely free of dust is impossible, of course.

1. Use doormats

It’s a smart plan to place two doormats at every entrance to your home; one on the outside and one on the inside. That way, you’ll prevent dust, dirt and mud from being brought inside by you, your family members or any guests. Don’t forget the back door, the door to the balcony or porch or the door to the garage. You’ll need to shake out and vacuum the mats on a regular basis. You can hose down outdoor mats in the spring and the autumn – do make sure to let them dry properly.

2. Brush your pets

A lot of the dust and dirt that ends up on the floor or on the window sills can be traced back to your pets. Cats love to settle down on the window sill and leave behind a lot of dust and hairs while they do so. Dogs shed a lot as well. That’s why it’s a good idea to brush your pets regularly, so you can remove most of the loose hairs in their furs. Make sure you vacuum and wash your dog or cat’s bed often – that’s where most of the hairs accumulate.

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