How to remove dark scuff marks from your walls within 2 seconds

scuff marks
You might already own the solution to scuff marks

If you have white or otherwise light-coloured walls, this problem might be familiar. We love the clean and fresh look of white walls, as it makes the room look bigger and brighter. However, if you have white walls you might know that they scuff easily. When moving furniture or perhaps because of a bag dragging along the wall: before you know it you’ve got dark scuff marks on them. It’s hard to prevent, but easy to fix!

This trick is really easy!

2 Seconds

It doesn’t take long for a scuff mark to form on your wall. Perhaps you were moving furniture and it scratched the walls or your children drag their bags along the wall when walking the stairs. It’s a shame, because the dark scuff marks are very easily visible on light-coloured walls. Luckily, we’ve got the solution for you! What if we told you it only takes 2 seconds to remove scuff marks from a wall? All you need is a ball.

A ball

I hear you think: ‘a ball!?’ Well, not just any old ball, you will need a tennis ball to get rid of these ugly scuff marks. Hopefully, you like tennis, or perhaps you own a dog, meaning you already have a few lying around. If not, they are usually quite cheap and can be picked up from many stores. Tennis balls are also quite handy when washing down bedding, so it’s always good to have a few laying around.

How to

We probably barely need to explain how to remove the scuff marks now you know you need to use a tennis ball. Make sure the tennis ball is clean to start with. Just rub the ball over the scuff marks and you’ll see them disappear. It’s that easy! The fabric of the ball will lift the grime off your wall and leave them spotless once again.

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Source: LibelleTV | Image: videostill