Got maggots in your outdoor garbage can? This is how you can easily get rid of them


This is how you get rid of those awful maggots

It’s a true nightmare for a lot of people: you open up the garbage can and you’re presented with a view of a ton of maggots crawling through the trash. Yikes! When you see it for the first time, you’re probably very grossed out and you just want to get rid of the little creatures as soon as possible.

Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution you need!


Maggots are the larvae of flies. Flies lay their eggs in garbage cans and these eggs can, under the right circumstances (like warm weather), hatch within a couple of hours already. A larva crawls out of the egg and stuffs itself with food so it grows. This larva or maggot can turn into a fly within three days when it’s hot. That’s why you mostly see maggots in your garbage can in warm weather and not when it’s cold.


To prevent maggots from taking over your garbage can, you should first of all make sure no food ends up in the garbage. At least, it shouldn’t be there uncovered. For example, wrap any meat you want to throw out in a newspaper before putting it in the garbage can. Another tip is to place the garbage can in the shade to make sure the temperature doesn’t rise too much inside of it. Clean the garbage can on a regular basis and also leave it open regularly so it doesn’t get too sweltering within the can. Has the damage been done and do you have a maggot infestation inside your trash? We’ve got some tips to help you get rid of them.

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