Got maggots in your outdoor garbage can? This is how you can easily get rid of them


If you’ve already got a garbage can full of maggots, you’ll want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. If you wait too long, the creatures might evolve into flies and then you’ve got a true fly pest on your hands a few days later. Here’s what you can do:

  • Boiling water. You can choose to fight the maggots with boiling water: they’ll die if you do this. It only works if you pour the boiling water directly onto the tiny creatures, though. If you have a full garbage can, this trick might not work that well.
  • Sand. Because a maggot is slimy, it can’t stand sand very well. If you pour sand on top of them into the garbage can, they will die and you can simply sweep them out along with the sand.
  • Chlorine. This is a more drastic approach, but it does work. Pour a generous amount of chlorine onto the inside walls of the garbage can. Do make sure you rinse it properly afterwards.
  • Salt. Just like snails, maggots don’t like salt. If they get into contact with it, they will simply melt. So, just pour a large amount of salt into the garbage can and wait it out.
  • Panty. Fill a pantyhose with mothballs and carefully tie it closed. Place this inside the container. A maggot doesn’t like mothballs, so the creatures will quickly disappear.

Have you managed to successfully combat the maggots? Then it’s time to carefully clean your garbage can. First, empty the can and then pour two liters of boiling water combined with one liter of vinegar into the can. Rinse carefully.

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Source: Wikihow & Oma weet raad | Images: videostill, Pixabay