This is the best way to dry your clothes on a clothesline instead of a dryer

These are the best tricks for when you want to dry your clothes on a clothesline

The tumble dryer is becoming increasingly popular. People are getting more lazy, so it’s much easier to quickly let the dryer do the work instead of hanging all of the wet clothes on the clothesline. It might also be a space issue, of course, because not everyone has a house or yard that’s big enough to hang up laundry in. Do you want to hang your wet clothes to dry out in the sun? Then you should read these tips!

It has a lot of benefits.

The clothesline

Your clothes will last longer when you dry them out in the air instead of in the tumble dryer, because the clothes might shrink or become ugly more quickly in the dryer. You also don’t have to iron your clothes as often when you let them dry in the wind since this will prevent a lot of creases already. There are also a few downsides to the clothesline, though; the clothes could stretch or discolour. This is how you prevent your clothes from becoming ugly when you’re drying them on the clothes line.

1. Hanging

Wet clothes might stretch when you hang them on the line with pegs. Make sure you hang all of your clothes upside down, so you don’t get misshapen arms or shoulders. Hang colourful clothes inside out, because the sun can bleach or discolour your clothes. If you’re afraid the sun is really too bright, you can hang your clothes in the shade. Always shake the items of clothing a little before you hang them up; this will prevent a lot of the creases already.

2. Heavy clothes

Have you washed long dresses or coats? Hang these on the clothesline on a wooden clothes hanger. This way, the heavy items of clothing will keep their shape the best. If you don’t do this, the clothes might stretch out.

3. White clothes

You shouldn’t turn white clothes inside out before hanging them on the clothesline. Like we said before, the sun bleaches clothes. This might not be what you want for your colourful clothes, but it will make your white clothes pearly white once more!

4. Tough clothes

Sometimes you take your dry towels and clothes off the clothesline and you notice they’ve gone all stiff and tough. To prevent this from happening you can add a little bit of white vinegar to your washing machine. This works as a natural fabric softener because it removes any soap residue. This toughness especially happens when there’s no wind or when you hang up your clothes inside. So, if at all possible, always hang your clothes in a spot with a bit of wind. Oh, and that vinegar? You won’t smell it at all.

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Source: Real Simple | Image: Pixabay