Can’t get your dish brush inside the glass? With this trick you’ll clean the entire glass in a jiffy!


No glass will ever again be too deep or too narrow to clean!

Doing the dishes can be a true pain. You know those glasses that are too narrow to properly fit your dishwashing brush? They are so annoying! There’s no need to feel frustrated with them while doing the dishes though. All you need to do is get some rice and your problem will be solved!

We can just hear you think: rice?!

Miracle product

Yes, rice. Put a handful of rice in the glass you’re trying to clean and add some warm water and dish soap. Place your hand on top of the glass and shake it well. The grains of rice will make sure the dirt is scrubbed away. The rice functions as a dish brush and you don’t have to get your knickers in a twist about cleaning a simple glass; it’s the ideal solution! Do make sure you shake vigorously, though, because that will make this trick most effective. No half-measures! Another tip: make sure your hand fully covers the glass, otherwise you run the risk of your entire kitchen being covered in soapy water and rice!

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