Yikes! Is your Tupperware covered in food stains? Easily remove them with THIS trick!

Removing stains from Tupperware is super easy

Tupperware has been around for quite a while now; it was invented by Earl Tupper in 1946. His marketing strategy was the ‘Tupperware party’; a party at which a sales person came by to sell the plastic containers to a group of friends. It turned out to be a very successful formula and it’s still being used today. Haven’t we all been to one of those parties at one time or another? 

Useful as they are, they can be difficult to clean properly.


The invention of Tupperware has made our lives a lot easier – especially when other companies started selling cheaper versions of the plastic containers as well. You can store anything you want in those containers and it’ll stay nice and fresh. This means you won’t have to let food go to waste as often, since you can just store the leftovers in the fridge or freezer. Made too much spaghetti bolognese? No problem; put it in a plastic container and it’ll still be delicious tomorrow.


There’s one thing we’re not the biggest fans of when it comes to these plastic containers, though. No matter who much we scrub, there are always greasy food stains left behind after using a container. We’ve tried to clean it, but apparently that’s not enough. So, should we just throw it out? No, that’s such a waste and completely unnecessary as well. There’s a simple trick that will make the greasy stains disappear without you having to scrub like mad!


All you need for this trick is a simple lemon. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it above the plastic container. Make sure the bottom of the Tupperware is covered in a nice layer of lemon juice. Put the lid on it and properly shake the container. Then take off the lid again put and put the container in a place in the sunshine, making sure it’s upside down. Leave it there for about three hours. When you take the container out of the sun and rinse it with water in the sink, you’ll see the stains have disappeared and your plastic Tupperware container will look as good as new!

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Source: Libelle | Image: video still Real Simple