THIS is the genius reason why you should clean your windows with a newspaper!


Your windows will be squeaky clean if you use a newspaper to clean it!

Cleaning windows can be a difficult chore. Some people use special window cleaning products while others simply use dish soap. No matter what method you use to clean your windows, you have to be pretty talented to make sure they end up squeaky clean without any streaks.

It’s a common problem everybody who’s ever cleaned windows will know about: you spend over an hour cleaning the windows of your home and despite all of your trouble they’re covered in stains and streaks again after a few minutes. To prevent this in the future, you should try cleaning your windows with a newspaper! It might sound weird, but it really does work.

What do you need?

  • A newspaper
  • 240 ml water
  • 30 ml vinegar
  • 50 ml dish soap
  • a squeegee

This is how it works

Mix together the water, vinegar and dish soap. Scrunch up the newspaper in your hand and dip it into the mixture. Then, use it to rub the window with using circular motions. After you’ve scrubbed the entire window like this, rub the newspaper in vertical and horizontal directions until all the stains have disappeared. Use a squeegee to remove the water from the window and you’ll notice all of the stains and streaks are gone! Why does this work? The paper and ink serve as a kind of scrub for the window, but they don’t damage the glass. You can also use this method for cleaning mirrors!

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Source: Purewow | Image: video still YouTube