THIS is how often you should clean the fluff filter in your tumble dryer!

fluff filter

If you don’t clean the fluff filter often enough it can cause a fire hazard

It’s a question a lot of us wonder about on a regular basis: how often should we be cleaning the fluff filter in our tumble dryer? We’ve finally got answer to this question for you and it’s much more often than we initially thought.

How often do you clean your dryer?

Fluff filter

It’s very important to remove all of the fluff from the filter before every use of your dryer and to clean all of the other filters once every month. If you don’t do this, you risk your dryer catching fire, because the lint and fluff will accumulate inside it. This way, the heat can’t get out of the machine, which in turn leads to it being overheated. Of course, you want to avoid this risk at all times, so clean your filters regularly!


If you have a condenser dryer, you should rinse the condenser and all its separate parts under running water once a month as well. Remove any lint or fluff in the condenser box using your vacuum cleaner, because that fluff can be dangerous too. If you have a heat pump dryer, you should also clean the filter. Do so every five uses.

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