Did you think the girl on the bathroom door was wearing a dress? You were wrong!


It’s not a dress she’s wearing at all!

Did you (like us) think the girl on the bathroom sign was wearing a dress or a skirt? Apparently we’ve all been wrong all this time, because it isn’t a dress at all, according to Tania Katan. She started a movement to show that the girl on the bathroom sign is actually a Superwoman wearing a cape.

What a wonderful initiative.


With her #ItWasNeverADress campaign, Tania Katan wants to raise awareness about the inequality that still exists between men and women. She asks the women in the world to share their stories because she wants to show that women can be just as ‘super’ in a world that is, according to Tania, still dominated by men. By giving the girl on the bathroom sign a cape instead of a dress she wants to change the way society views women.


“In science, technology, arts, mathematic, politics, houses of worship, on the streets and in our homes, insightful women are often uninvited, overlooked or just plain dismissed,” Tania says. She thinks this should change and that women all over the world should have the same rights as men. We think it’s a fun and good initiative. Do you want to submit your own #ItWasNeverADress story? You can do so right here!

Tania Katan

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Source: Margriet, Bored Panda | Images: Itwasneveradress