Find out: this is why there are holes in your laundry basket

holes laundry basket

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Every day we throw our dirty laundry into the laundry basket. When it’s full, we take it over to the washing machine, empty it and fill it up with clean laundry. But have you ever taken a good look at the basket you use?  Chances are that you have a laundry basket with holes in it. And chances are that you, just like us, didn’t know that those holes were for. Well, now you’re getting an answer to this question!

Logical reason

You throw your dirty laundry into the basket until it gets full. When it is completely full, you have to wash the clothes that are in it and after that, you have to put the clothes away. Even though this isn’t a fun chore, it has to be done eventually. Your laundry basket has some pretty useful features that will help you make this chore a little less tedious. And the holes are one of those features.


According to Patric Richardson, writer of the book Laundry love: Finding Joy in a Common Chore, it has to do with the weight of the basket. When your basket has holes in it, it won’t weigh as much. Laundry baskets used to be made out of reed with little holes woven into it. Our laundry baskets have been based off these old ones but made out of plastic. Plastic isn’t as heavy, and the holes make the item even lighter.


But that isn’t the only benefit to the holes in your basket. The holes in your laundry basket will also help keep your laundry fresh. When you put your smelly clothes in the basket, the holes provides the basket with ventilation and that will make sure that the smell of your sweaty clothes won’t get worse.

Now you know why your laundry basket has holes in it!

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Source: Apartment Therapy | Image: Unsplash, Annie Spratt