This is why you shouldn’t make your bed in the morning

make bed

You should just get out of bed without tidying up after!

Good news for the people who hate making their bed after getting up in the morning: it might actually be better to leave it messy. According to research, your mattress is full of little bugs and these bugs just love it when you make your bed for them.

Warm and damp

In research published by Experimental & Applied Acarology, our beds are filled with bugs called dust mites. And it’s not just one bug living in your mattress. Apparently, there are 1.5 million dust mites that have made a home out of your beloved bunk. Why? Because these little bugs just love warm, dark and damp places. And your bed, after you have just spend the night sleeping, dreaming and sweating in it, is the perfect place for them to nestle. Especially if you pull the blankets over your warm and damp mattress right after you jump out.

Unmade bed

The solution would be to just leave your bed unmade. Because an untidy, unmade bed with the sheets crumpled up into a ball is just not as tempting to a dust mite. Especially if you open the curtains a little bit to let some sunlight in. Dust mites do not like light.

Of course, you can eventually make your bed if you want to. Just make sure the mattress and sheets are completely dry before you do so. Another way to fight dust mites is by washing your bedsheets frequently. And by frequently we mean once every week. Or get some different kinds of bedsheets. That way you can switch out your old sheets for some new ones and you won’t have to do your laundry every week!

You’ll have a clean looking bed and the dust mites will have to find a different place to live.

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Source: Flair, HLN | Image: Unsplash, Jelezniac Bianca