“It’s better to wash you clothes inside out”: true or false? We’ve got the answer!

inside out

Do you always wash your clothes inside out?

Some people think it’s completely nonsense while other people religiously wash their clothes inside out every time they do laundry. But what’s the best thing for your clothes? Does it make a difference which way your wash your clothes or not?

We were very curious about this issue, so we did some research.


Clothes that are made of a certain material or shirts that have a print on them are very vulnerable and can wear pretty quickly because of that. They’ll wear while you’re actually wearing them, but the washing machine also plays its part in making your clothes look less pretty. If you wash your clothes inside out, the inside of your shirt will be damaged instead of the outside or the print. This way, the fabric will lose its brightness a lot less quickly and the print will look pretty for longer.


So, it is indeed better to wash your clothes inside out if you want them to last longer. The same rule holds for your bed sheets and bed linen. When you’re washing your bedding, the sheets rub against the drum of the machine. This causes the color to disappear from the bedding, and it can also cause white stripes to appear. If you turn the covers inside out, those streaks appear on the inside instead.

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Source: Libelle | Image: pxhere