This is the secret to a good night’s sleep

good sleep

Wake up well-rested every day!

Doesn’t that sound like a dream? To wake up every day, feeling completely rested and relaxed. Unfortunately, a lot of people wake up the opposite of that; grumpy, moody and unable to function without a morning coffee. But according to a sleepexpert, there is a way to improve your sleep.


Leo van Woerden, a sleepexpert and neuroscientist, spoke with Metro about sleep quality and how you can improve it. The first tip he provides, is to look at your sleeping rhythm. According to Van Woerden, rhythm is very important to your sleep quality. But not just for sleep. According to the sleepexpert, rhythm is essential for the quality of our life. Van Woerden said that everything in our lives revolves around rhythm. If you improve your rhythm, you’ll improve the quality of your life. He says that if you go to bed at the same time every night, you will sleep more “efficiently”. Apparently, it will increase your deep sleep while constantly changing your bed time will decrease it. When you increase the amount of deep sleep you get during the night, you won’t need as much sleep. This means that you’ll spent less time in bed while feeling more rested. It sounds like it would definitely be worth trying to incorporate some kind of routine!

Sleep deprivation

If you already hated your alarm clock, we’ll add some more fuel to the fire. According to Van Woerden, if you need an alarm clock to wake up, you are depriving yourself from much needed sleep. That means that if you go to bed late and wake up because of your alarm going off, you did not get enough sleep that night. The way to fix this is to go to bed earlier. That way, you might actually wake up well-rested before your alarm even gets the chance to interrupt your sleep.


Good news for all the professional nappers out there! A nap might just be what you need in order to get more sleep. Just make sure you take your nap at the same time. That way you create a sleeping rhythm for your naps too.

It might be hard to build a good sleeping routine for yourself. Sometimes finishing that movie or staying out a little longer is way more tempting. Van Woerden acknowledges how hard it can be to make yourself go to bed at a certain time. But if you really want to wake up well-rested, you will have to be dedicated. And the results will definitely be worth it!

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Source: Metro | Image: Unsplash, Kate Stone Matheson