Washing powder or liquid detergent: which is best to use?

Washing powder or liquid detergent

Once and for all, we give you a conclusive answer

When it comes to doing laundry, almost everyone has their favorite detergent. Some people prefer a washing powder, while others swear by a liquid variant. The fact is that washing powder is generally a cheaper option. But which of the two really cleans your laundry the best? We will explain this for you.

Washing with a liquid detergent

It smells delicious, is available with an infinite number of scents and variants, and is easy to use. Liquid detergent is the favorite of many people. Why? Because it effectively cleans laundry at a low temperature. The downside to liquid detergent is the price. Almost everyone pours too much detergent into the washing machine. This is a shame, because this does little good for your washing machine nor your wallet.

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