8 bad cleaning habits you need to stop doing right now

cleaning habits

These bad cleaning habits make your home messy and dirty

We at Tips and Tricks love handy tips to help make cleaning your house easier and faster. Unfortunately, it’s easy to develop some bad habits when it comes to cleaning and these might make your house messier and dirtier instead of cleaner. These habits make it hard to actually clean something properly, which results in cleaning and tidying taking more time instead of less. That’s why it’s important to break bad cleaning habits as soon as possible!

Stop doing these eight things right away!

1. Using too much cleaning product

We’ve definitely been guilty of this in the past: just adding a little more cleaning product to our cloth or sponge because more is always better, right? Wrong! One drop of dish soap is enough to clean all of your dishes. In addition, you can actually damage your washing machine by using too much laundry detergent. If you’re using too much all-purpose cleaner on your countertops or floors, you might not dilute the product sufficiently, causing a greasy layer of soap to be left behind. In turn, this attracts more dirt and dust.

2. Cleaning with dirty tools

You can’t expect clean results when you’re using dirty tools, right? If you’re using a dirty sponge, mop or cloth, you’re only spreading more bacteria through your home instead of cleaning them up. And when your vacuum cleaner bag is full or the filter needs replacing, vacuuming doesn’t have much use either. Before you start cleaning, always make sure your tools are clean too.

3. Using one wet cleaning wipe for the entire room

In theory, disposable cleaning wipes are very handy, but such a small wipe definitely isn’t enough to clean a large surface with. You’ll be able to clean one small sink with it, but no more than that. If you are using these wipes, make sure you get out a new one as soon as you start to clean something new. It’s even better to use regular wipes and cloths instead of disposables, though. This is much better for both the environment and your bank account.

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