Your coffee maker is dirtier than you might think, but this is how you clean it!

coffee maker

This is how you clean your coffee maker

Unless you and everybody else in your household doesn’t like coffee, you’ll probably own a coffee maker. Some people use it every day while others only use it when they have people coming over. But did you know your coffee machine might just be full of bacteria and mold? It’s important to clean it after every use and we’re going to explain how to do it.

This is how dirty your coffee maker truly gets.

Washing up

It’s important to clean the loose parts of your coffee machine after you’ve used it. Of course, you can start by washing up the coffee pot (or put it in the dishwasher if it’s dishwasher-safe). Some coffee makers also have other loose parts that can easily be washed up as well. Use a wet cloth to clean the outside of the maker as well as the hot plate to wipe away spilled coffee.

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