Here’s how to easily remove a coffee stain from your sofa’s fabric

Step 4: Cleaning

You can use liquid detergent to remove the coffee stain from your sofa, but be sure it doesn’t contain bleach, as this will make the stain worse. Pour some detergent on the stain and allow it to absorb for ten minutes. This method is only applicable if you can remove the cushion cover, because after ten minutes you have to soak the stain in warm water for thirty minutes.

If you use baking soda, leave it for a while to absorb.

Step 5: Rinse again

After soaking, the coffee stain must be rinsed again. Do not rub the stain, as it may get bigger or may cause discoloration. If you have sprinkled baking soda on the stain, now is the time to remove it with a vacuum cleaner.

Step 6: Stain remover

If the above methods haven’t worked, then it is wise to use a stain remover. Allow time for the detergent to absorb and then wash the cushion cover or the entire cushion in your washing machine.

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Source: Doityourself | Image: Pixabay