These two common cleaning mistakes make your toilet a true breeding ground for bacteria!


Do you make these mistakes while cleaning your toilet?

Maybe you pour some bleach into your toilet bowl every now and again and clean it with a cloth once in a while, but your toilet could definitely do with some more thorough cleaning! It won’t be a surprise to you when we tell you your toilet can get dirty really quickly. That’s why it’s a good and hygienic idea to clean it on a regular basis. Of course, we all know that.

But did you know about these cleaning mistakes?


We regularly clean our toilet and do so quite thoroughly, like we’ve been told to do. But did you know there are a couple things most people forget to do that can make all your hard work completely redundant? Most people make these two cleaning mistakes and they make your toilet a huge breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. This is what you should pay attention on from now on:

  1. Close the lid before flushing: English research has shown that over 70 percent of people flushes their toilets without closing the lid beforehand. Flushing the toilet happens with a lot of force and because of this the dirty water gets flung around in teeny tiny particles. These particles can be thrown into the air as far as five meters. This means they can easily end up on your toothbrush, towel or hamper. Gross! We’ll close the lid before flushing from now on…
  2. Let the toilet brush dry after using it: Sometimes, after we’ve done a number two, something gets left behind after we flush the toilet. That’s where the toilet brush comes in, of course. But if you don’t shake the water out of it a little bit after using it and put it back soaking wet, you’ll provide the perfect environment for bacteria to breed rapidly. The next time you use your toilet brush, you’ll only transfer more bacteria to the toilet bowl instead of clean it! Do you want to minimise the risk? Then you should clean the brush with bleach after every use and let it dry over the toilet bowl. Don’t put it back until it’s completely dry.

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