This is how you remove ink stains from your clothes or carpet

ink stains
Ink stains can really mess up your clothes or carpet

Oh no! A leaking pen in your bag or pocket, children who’ve gone rogue while colouring or pure bad luck: ink stains happen very easily, unfortunately. In this article, we’ll explain how you can remove ink stains from different types of fabric. We mostly use products you probably already own anyway. So, no need to panic! With these tips that nasty ink stain will be gone before you know it!

This is how you remove ink from your stuff.


Ink stains are very stubborn and need to be treated with aggressive products. Are you afraid the fabric in question might discolour as a result of removing the stain? Then you should always first try a little bit of the cleaning solution in an unnoticeable spot. Dip a cotton swab in the cleaning solution you want to use and then treat a tiny bit of the fabric. If the fabric discolours as a result, you’re better off choosing another method.


Is the stain still fresh and wet? Then you should immediately sprinkle salt on it and carefully dab at it with a paper towel. The salt will absorb the ink. Repeat this process until the ink is gone. Has the stain already settled into the fabric? Leave the item of clothing to soak overnight in a dishpan filled with milk. The following day, wash the item of clothing in the washing machine and when it comes out again the ink stain will be gone. For more stubborn stains you can use a bit of nail polish remover without acetone. Carefully rub this onto the stain using a cotton swab and then wash the clothing in the washing machine. Nail polish remover also works well with stains on hard surfaces like tables. You can also use pure alcohol instead of nail polish remover.

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