Here’s why you should be making your bed with wet sheets! This trick is amazing!

Wet sheets

Here’s what you need to do for this particular trick. When you’ve washed your fitted sheet and flat sheet, take them out of the dryer or off of the clothesline when they are still slightly damp. Don’t use sheets that are still very wet, but just damp. Shake out the sheets a little and then put the fitted sheet onto your bed like you would normally, along with the flat sheet (if you use a flat sheet). Now, wait until the sheets have dried completely – this won’t take more than about 10 minutes – and finish making your bed. You will have a crisp, perfectly made bed! And there’s no need to worry about mildew or mould. As long as the sheets are only slightly damp, this will be absolutely fine.

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Source: TipHero | Image: video still YouTube, Clean My Space