6 kitchen situations when detergent can come in handy

4. Use it to mop floors

Pour half a cap of detergent into a bucket filled with warm water and use the solution to mop your kitchen floors. This probably would not be the first thing you think of to mop your floors with, but trust us; your floor will shine like never before! In addition, your house will also smell delicious. So, it’s win-win.

5. Use it to pretreat stains

Oops, busy cooking and red sauce has splashed on your favorite white blouse? If you have a small bottle of detergent in the kitchen, you can pretreat this stain quickly and easily. By dabbing some liquid detergent directly on the stain, you ensure that the clothing does not fully absorb the stain. Then throw the clothes in the laundry and it’s as if nothing ever happened!

6. You can use it for a blocked drain

Detergent can help to unclog a blocked drain. This is worth trying before calling an expensive plumber. Pour half a cup of detergent down the drain, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse with boiling water. Slightly less stubborn dirt will have dissolved, so the hot water should clear the drain.

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