Pet hair everywhere? These are some tips to help you clean up

pet hair

This is how you get rid of all of the hairs your pets leave around the house

Even though we love our pets, there are some things we could do without. One of those things is the piles of pet hair that pile up in all the nooks of your house. But did you know there are some easy ways to rid your home of all that hair?


For this first tip, all you need is a hairbrush and a plant sprayer. Just spray the areas of your house that have a lot of hair on them, like the coach or rug, and brush that same area with the hairbrush. That way, the hair will all pile up and you’ll be able to easily pick it up and throw it out. Another way to do this would be by using a rubber glove. Just put the glove on and rub some hair covered surface. The hairs will stick right to the glove, so you’ll be able to throw it out right away! If you wash the glove after you use it, you can repeat this method over and over again!

Fabric softener

Another tip is to not just spray water on the hair, but to add a little fabric softener as well. If you spray the combination of water and fabric softener on the hair and let it dry, you’ll be able to easily vacuum the floor afterwards. All the hairs will just disappear!

Brushing your pet

The last tip will be kind of a no brainer: if you groom your pet every day, a lot of the hair will come off while brushing. That means that all of the hairs that come off while brushing your pet, won’t be in the house later.

And if you need a good tip for brushing your furry friend, we got you covered! All you need is a pair of tights. Just cut out a piece of the fabric from the tights and place that strip of fabric on your brush. Push until the pins poke through your tights and brush your pet like you normally would. After you’re done grooming, just pull the strip of fabric off and the hairs will all come off too, ready to be thrown out.

With these tips, having a pet will be even more fun!

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Source: | Image: Unsplash, Jay Wennington