Can’t get those stubborn sweat odors out of your clothes? Here’s a handy trick!

Such an easy trick to get rid of sweat smells!

It’s not something most people (including us) particularly like to talk about, but it is something everybody has trouble with every now and then: the smell of sweat in your clothes. It can be difficult to get rid of it, no matter how often you’ve washed the clothes in question. Luckily, that will be a thing of the past after you know about this easy trick!

Does throwing out your sweaty clothes seem like the only solution that’s left? It isn’t!

The solutions

  • Vinegar: There are several ways to combat the odor of sweat in your clothes, and one of them is vinegar. It helps to soak your clothes in vinegar during the night. The next morning, you can simply put the item of clothing in question in the washing machine. The smell will be gone when the washing machine is done! Don’t have time to leave your clothes soaking over night? Soaking it for just an hour will already help some as well!
  • Dettol: Mix together 100 ml of Dettol and 200 ml of water and leave the sweaty item of clothing soak in this for about two hours. If there are any yellow sweat stains in your clothes, they will be gone after you use this method. It’s the ideal solution! However, before using this method you should test whether your clothes will discolor or not if you use Dettol on them.

Really don’t have any time to soak your clothes in vinegar or Dettol? Adding a little bit of vinegar to the detergent drawer will already be effective as well.

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Source: Margriet | Image: video still Howcast