Cute one-eared puppy is a huge hit on Instagram


This cute dog goes through life with only one ear

Our hearts melt at the sight of young animals. However, this little puppy is just a bit more special than her peers. The golden retriever puppy, Rae, only a few months old, conquers the internet with her special appearance. The puppy has only one ear, which is upright on her head.

Hit on Instagram

Little Rae had an encounter with her mother shortly after birth. This is why the pup only has one ear. Does little Rae suffer from this? Absolutely not! She proves this with her adorable photos and videos on her Instagram page. Rae, whose name is a reversal of the word “Ear”, is also known as the golden unicorn. The puppy already has more than 179,000 fans on Instagram who closely follow her adventures every day.

Operation on the ear

Rae’s owner says that the puppy was bitten on the ear by her mother when she was only a few days old. This caused the vet to amputate the left ear. Since the pup was only a few days old and was still experiencing a significant growth spurt, the part of the ear that remained, fused with the top of her head. Rae is now almost fully grown and her right ear is fully upright.

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