Why does no one know about the existence of Laura, the sister of Prince Harry and William?

Relationship with Camilla

When Prince Charles resumed his relationship with Camilla in 2005, the world was in turmoil. Diana has always been loved by the public and the rumors that Charles hadn’t always treated her nicely didn’t help during the announcement of the new relationship. Many people had the feeling that Camilla was taking Diana’s place. Still, marrying Camilla was what made the prince happy. Something his sons, William and Harry, also benefited from.

When Harry publicly stated that Camilla wasn’t a mean stepmother, the audience calmed down. Still, there were more children involved. Camilla herself had also had a marriage and two children. The fact that Camilla has a son is known to the public. Her daughter, on the other hand, not may people have heard of.

Camilla’s children

Camilla’s son, Tom Parker-Bowles, has never had a problem with the spotlight. He is a respected food critic and writer. He also regularly appears on British television. He has made several notable visits to Masterchef and assisted chef Gordon Ramsay on the television show The F-word. His sister however had a much harder time in the spotlight and for a good reason…

Tom Parker BowlesTom Parker Bowles

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