Why does no one know about the existence of Laura, the sister of Prince Harry and William?

Laura Lopes

Unknown Step-sister

The British royals are regularly in the spotlight, but what do we really know about them? For example, did you know that Prince William and Prince Harry have another stepsister? However, there is a good reason that she is not often talked about…

Diana and Charles

The story surrounding the marriage of Diana and Prince Charles is not unknown to the general public. The two married each other, had two beautiful children, but the love between the two quickly cooled. Charles’s heart already belonged to someone else and his marriage to Diana made no difference.

That Prince Charles kept in touch with Camilla Parker-Bowles for years during the marriage to Diana is nothing new. After having previously been in a relationship with each other, they broke up at some point in time. Despite the fact that both had started a new relationship and tied the knot, the two continued to visit each other. Diana’s statement: “there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit busy” needs no further explanation.

Lady Di

Despite the high pressure on the relationship, Diana managed to hold her own. She took her role seriously, threw herself into charity projects and won the hearts of many. She also became a pop culture icon. Yet her children were the most important thing in her life. Diana has always wanted to minimize the involvement of nannies or relatives who could babysit. She made sure she was the one to take care of the kids. Her schedule was therefore fully adapted to this. Diana wanted to be involved in the lives of William and Harry and did everything she could to make it happen.

After Prince Charles and Diana’s divorce, Diana had her car accident. The death of the former princess hit like a bomb.

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