These are the cute nicknames the royals use for each other


Kate has multiple nicknames for Prince William

Honey, sweetie, baby, princess, darling… We can go on like this for a while. If you’re in a relationship, there’s a pretty big chance you call your significant other by a nickname. The British royals are only human, just like us, and they also have nicknames for their better halves.

These are pretty cute!

Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got married on the 29th of April in 2011. Although the two don’t really do public displays of affection, this doesn’t mean they don’t love each other very much. The two have a couple of the cutest nicknames for each other. Prince William called Kate ‘poppet’ when the two stepped out of the hospital after the birth of their first child, George, in 2013. We’ve also heard Kate call her husband ‘darling’ and ‘babe’.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex haven’t been married for as long as William and Kate, but they’ve definitely caught up nickname-wise. Both Meghan and Harry’s friends often call Harry ‘Spike’. When Facebook became a booming business, Harry didn’t want to stay behind and he made an account under the name Spike Wells. Even though this account was deleted after four years, the name stuck with his friends and with Meghan. Another nickname Meghan used for Harry is ‘Haz’. Harry often calls Meghan ‘Meg’, which is an obvious choice, of course.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

The Queen and her husband will be married a whopping 71 years in November. Prince Philip calls Elizabeth ‘Cabbage’. This nickname derives from the French ‘Ma Petite Chou’ which means ‘my small cabbage’. It’s a very common nickname in France.

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