Why does no one know about the existence of Laura, the sister of Prince Harry and William?

Laura Lopes

Laura Lopes is Camilla’s daughter. Despite occasionally attending important events such as weddings, she prefers to stay in the background. Even when she attended important events, she made sure she was incognito.

The reason for this is her experiences with the British press during her childhood. Because Camilla has always been watched by the British press, both Laura and Tom grew up with the press surrounding them. Despite Charles being married to Diana when Laura and Tom were still children, rumors circulated about Camilla’s relationship with Charles. Something that got the press interested in Camilla.

Laura LopesLaura Lopes

British press

Because of this, Tom and Laura had to deal with paparazzi on the regular and this is something that especially Laura had a hard time with. The press had it out for them, and Tom is very open about his experiences with the photographers: “They are bullies. All I wanted to do was punch them in the face but I couldn’t.” Despite her brother’s open attitude, Laura took the opposite approach. She tried to shield herself away from the limelight.

Making sacrifices

Laura’s flight from her life in the limelight was not without a struggle. She had to make sacrifices for this. For example, she had to distance herself from her family so that the press would pay less attention to her. Something that was of course not always easy for her mother. Laura has now built a family for herself from which she gets a lot of love.

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Source: Biba magazine | Image: Brunopress, video stills