23 embarrassing Red Carpet moments that will make you cringe so bad

Sacha Baron Cohen spills ashes on Ryan Seacrest

As the main figure in the movie Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen is quite familiar with making things awkward. So pulling a prank on Ryan Seacrest when he attended the red carpet in 2012 shouldn’t come as a surprise. But still, what he did to him was on the edge of going too far. It all happened in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. In this interview Sacha Baron Cohen, aka The Dictator, says that he brought the ashes of his friend Kim Jong II, because it was his dream to come to the oscars. But while he says that, he pretends that he is looking at the back of the urn, causing the urn to turn over and throwing all the ashes over Ryan Seacrests’ jacket. The prank caused quite a stir. It left a lot of Hollywood stars debating whether or not they found the joke funny. Thankfully Ryan Seacrest took it like a champ and stayed in a good mood after the prank.

What do you think? Do you think this dirty prank was funny or did he go too far? Or do you like the one on the next page more?