You will never see any mosquitoes at Disney World for this surprising reason

Disney world mosquitoes

Even on a hot summer day, the park remains free of mosquitoes

The Disney World park in the United States is a place of fairytales. World-famous stories come to life in the amusement park. Many children and adults dream of one day walking around Disney World. If you ever get the chance, pay attention to whether you can spot any mosquitos. Probably not, because for a surprising reason the stinging critters do not enter the fairytale park.

Warm climate

Since Disney World is in Florida, you would expect a lot of bugs in the park. Temperatures are often high and in the rest of the sunny state many species of mosquitoes and other tiny creatures can be found. Despite these uncomfortable circumstances, Disney decided that this should be the place to build ‘the Happiest Place on Earth’.

The Florida Project

In deepest secrecy, Walt Disney developed the ideas for his entertainment park in the 1960s. He even used a code name for his plans: the Florida project. The famous filmmaker gave free rein to his creativity and came up with great ideas for his amusement park. Disney itself has not seen the project materialize. He died in 1966, and it wasn’t until 1971 that Disney World opened its doors to visitors.

Tourist attraction

The man behind Disney World was therefore unable to see with his own eyes how great the park’s success would become. Disney World quickly became the most popular resort in the world. Every year, an average of 52 million people visit the fairytale theme park! Not only vacationers, but tens of thousands of employees are at Disney World every day. How is it possible that no one is ever stung by a mosquito? You can read more about that on the next page.

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