This is why Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton never wear orange

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton never wear orange

When it comes to fashion, orange probably isn’t anyone’s first choice. The colour is very bright and can be pretty showy as well. You will never spot the ladies of the royal family in orange, that’s for sure. But why is that exactly? Do they just not like the colour or is there a reason behind it?

This is the answer!


Normally, the ladies don’t mind a bit of colour and they tend to wear all the colours of the rainbow. Earlier this year, we spotted Meghan wearing a bright yellow dress and Kate also has a wardrobe full of brightly coloured outfits. While they may not rock the intensely green colour Queen Elizabeth likes to wear, they do seem to wear most other colours. Except for orange! You will never see them wear it.

Kate in yellow:

Meghan also looks beautiful in yellow:


According to The Sun, there isn’t any specific protocol that says that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton can’t wear orange. Instead, they say it’s just a sensible choice they’re making. Apparently, the colour doesn’t photograph well, which would make the ladies look a little pale or dull in pictures. And even though they like to wear yellow, red and blue, the royal ladies often wear lighter and less pronounced colours when they’re with the queen. This is because the queen loves to wear bright colours as well and they don’t want to overshadow her.

Meghan wore a beige dress when she was with the Queen:

Royals in orange

We’re not sure whether this theory of orange not photographing well is really true, though. Maybe it’s true for the British ladies, but other royal women do wear orange. Take the queen of the Netherlands, for example. She looks absolutely stunning in orange, which is the national colour of her country. Queen Letizia of Spain also wears orange and it looks good on her as well. What do you think? Does the colour photograph badly?

Queen Màxima of the Netherlands looks beautiful in orange:

Queen Letizia of Spain in orange:

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Source: The Sun | Images: Meghan: Christopher Macsurak @ Wikimedia Commons, Kate: Ricky Wilson @ Wikimedia Commons (Colorized)