Princess Charlotte is the perfect hostess: ‘She offers guests sweets’

princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte takes good care of her guests

We have a quite the soft spot for the royal family. We melted when we heard about Prince George’s latest obsession, but this news about Princess Charlotte is the cutest ever. Apparently, the little princess is the perfect hostess. She will entertain guests and even offer them sweets, are you melting yet?

The three-year-old princess loves to share her sweets.

Tea, coffee or sweets

Even though Prince George can seem a little shy to the public, Princess Charlotte is the opposite. Apparently, the three-year-old girl enjoys having guests around, because she loves being a hostess. “She will approach guests and ask them if they would like tea, coffee or some sweets. It’s cute,” tells an inside source. The insider also shares that the princess has a bubbly personality. “From the three children, she’s the one with the most prominent personality”, he says. However, the youngest Louis, is only a baby of five months.


Kate Middleton and Prince William try to do their utmost best to raise their children as normally as possible. A source told US Weekly that it’s a priority of the Duke and Duchess to raise them as if they were normal children. They always bring their children to school and to pick them up themselves. One of them walks Charlotte to school and the other will drive Prince George to the Thomas’s of Battersea school.

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Source: Elle | Image: Video still