Prince William reveals Prince George’s newest obsession

He’s now teaching the entire Cambridge family about his latest obsession

Just like any other child, Prince George has a favourite toy. For example, we know he loves anything that has to do with police and cars. Prince William has now revealed that Prince George’s newest obsession has to do with something completely different, though. The Duke of Cambridge added to this that the entire family is now learning about George’s new hobby.

Prince George absolutely loves dinosaurs.


The 36-year-old Duke paid a visit to Acorns Hospice in Selly Oak, Birmingham. This is a place where children with a life-threatening disease get the specialised care they need. While he was talking to one of the children and the staff, he saw they’d been drawing a picture asked them whether it was a Triceratops. He knew the species of the dinosaur in question because Prince George is currently crazy about them. “I know because George is obsessed with dinosaurs,” he explained. “We’re learning all about them.”

Visit to the hospice

The Duke of Cambridge visited the Acorns Hospice in honour of their 30 year anniversary. He wrote something in the visitor’s book as well, which was placed in front of a framed picture of his mother, Princess Diana. She was the one to open the centre in 1988.

The entire Cambridge family on the day of Prince Louis’ christening:

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Source: Prima | Image: video still