Meghan Markle still struggles with the royal family’s strict rules

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Meghan has difficulty with all of the royal family rules

Both the British people and the rest of the world fell a little bit in love with Meghan Markle after it became public knowledge that she was to marry Prince Harry. There were a ton of official visits and Meghan attended them gracefully. She’s officially been part of the royal family since May, but according to insiders Meghan still struggles with adhering to the many royal protocols.


You’re not allowed to cross your legs, you can’t have social media accounts and no public displays of affection – no matter how crazy you are about the other. These are only a few of the rules Meghan needs to abide since she’s officially together with the Duke of Sussex. The marriage between Meghan and Prince Harry might sound like a fairy tale, but this fairy tale also has a few downsides for Meghan. There are so many rules she has to follow and apparently she’s struggling with it.


An insider told People that the Duchess of Sussex finds “certain rules in the royal household difficult to understand.” For example, she has trouble with getting to terms with the fact that the Queen prefers women to wear dresses or skirts instead of pants. The source revealed that Meghan regularly asks her husband why she can’t do certain things.

Ireland visit

Meghan has already crossed a couple of royal lines. For us normal people the following things aren’t an issue, but the new duchess made a mistake during her recent visit to Ireland. She spoke to senator Catherine Noone about the recently accepted law that legalises abortion. Meghan showed that she’s happy with this development, but members of the royal family aren’t allowed to share their opinions on political matters.


It’s also very important that every outfit is well thought through. Meghan recently attended Wimbledon together with her sister-in-law Kate Middleton. She wore a hat, but apparently she wasn’t allowed to do so at this occasion. She then had to keep the hat in her lap for the entire afternoon.

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Source: People | Image: videostill